Modern women have in their arsenal a variety of adaptations, allowing them to do any hair. The first place among these devices is a hair curtain, with which young ladies create romantic curls on their heads. About what a hair curler is, you do not need to explain it again. But the features of different models of stylers will not hurt to talk, because knowing the basic characteristics of this device will help a lady not to be mistaken with his choice.

Curling iron, hair styler, curling tongs … This device has a lot of names, but the only purpose is to create coquettish curls of various shapes and sizes.

Possibilities to regulate the temperature regime in such devices were not, because of which female hair after contact with the instrument was often repaired and weakened.

Covering the working surface in modern flat models can be of four types: aluminum, ceramic, teflon and tourmaline.
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The most affordable devices are aluminum plates, but they have many disadvantages that call into question the usefulness of their use. The metal surface of such stylers slowly and unevenly warms up, which creates a lot of difficulties in creating a haircut. Locks with frequent use of aluminum forceps are burned, they begin to break and cake at the tips. Use an aluminum foil without harm to the head of hearing is only possible occasionally, for regular use, the representative of the weaker sex should look for models with other coatings.