Peppermint tea is a national in the Kingdom of Morocco. They drink tea very sweet, strong, predominantly from small cups 100 and 50 ml.

Interesting fact!
Moroccans drink tea with mint herb called Maram kind of sage, rarely with lemon. Tea Obligatory end of the meal with meat dishes, helps to avoid heaviness in the stomach and digestive problems … Of course, for the preparation of this Moroccan tea you need a special tin kettle with an elongated spout. But even if you do not have, but you want to feel at least a bit of Morocco at home – just use your favorite home teapot 🙂

And now the recipe!
3-4 sprigs of fresh mint (or 1 tablespoon dried)
60 g sugar lump
4 tsp green tea
For decoration:
mint sprigs
Also ponyadobyatsya:
4 small glass cup
2 Teapots

Benefits and harms!
Here is a detailed article – health benefits of peppermint tea

We say as a summary of the use of a lot more.
Of course everything should be eaten in moderation and even innocent products can harm you if they are properly prepared.
All the while!
Travel to Morocco 😉